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Book production with CSS Paged Media at Fire and Lion

Towards an Open Future for Automated Typsetting—Highlights from Paged Media Event, January 9th 2018

Agenda for January meeting of Paged Media initiative

Meeting to be held at MIT Press (Cambridge, MA) on 9 January 2018

Paged Media Open Source initiative is launching a new community-led development at MIT Press (Cambridge, MA) on January 9, 2018. The project will develop a suite of Javascripts to paginate HTML/CSS in the browser, and to apply PagedMedia controls to paginated content for the purposes of exporting print-ready, or display-friendly, PDF from the browser.  This will be an Open Source initiative, appropriately licensed with the MIT license.

Vivliostyle CSS for books

Smashing conferences coming in 2018

ebookcraft 2018 call for proposals (Toronto, March 2018)

Designing book covers in the browser

If we can make books in browsers, we can also make cover too in the browser too, right?

Unfolding the @page

Let’s say you need to make a poster and you need to give to the client the possibility to change a few things on this poster, like the date, or even the title. HTML can be the right way to go: it works in all browsers, it does not need any particular applications to be installed, fonts and colours are already set up by a professional designer, and the pdf will be ready for print without any problems.

Making books with HTML + CSS — a look at Vivliostyle (Part 1 – page layouts)