4 December 18, 2017

Agenda for January meeting of Paged Media initiative

Article by Raewyn Whyte

Paged Media initiative - meeting agenda

Meeting to be held at MIT Press (Cambridge, MA) on 9 January 2018

8.30  - Start, Coffee and pastries
9.00  - Introductions
9.15  - Introduction to PagedMedia Project by Adam Hyde
9.30  - 20 minute show and tells (& discussion) by Dave Cramer, Nellie
McKesson, Julien Taquet, Julie Blanc, Kathi Fletcher, Arthur Attwell,
Hugh McGuire
12.00 - Lunch (onsite)
1.00  - Julie Blanc - PagedMedia Findings & discussion
1.45  - Fred Chasen - PagedMedia Findings & discussion
2.30  - Open sessions on PagedMedia
5.00  - Closing

The main aim of this meeting is to seed the open source PagedMedia project as a community project, talk about pagination and paged media controls, and kick start the development to solve these needs.

This one day kick off event will be facilitated by Adam Hyde.
For further information contact Adam - adam@coko.foundation


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  1. Where is this conference held? How can someone register? Is there a livestream? So many questions and no answers I can find on the page… šŸ™

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