Author: Dave CramerDave Cramer is a Senior Digital Publishing Technology Specialist at Hachette Book Group, one of the "Big 5" trade publishers in the U.S. He develops standards, workflows, and tools for both print and ebook production using web technologies. He started working with ebooks in 2001, and created the first commercial EPUB files for Hachette in 2007. He was co-editor the IDPF fixed layout specification, and wrote BISG's Field Guide to Fixed Layout. Dave is now a member of the W3C¹s CSS Working Group and Digital Publishing Interest Group, where he edits ³Requirements for Latin Text Layout and Pagination² and the ³Generated Content for Paged Media² spec. He continues to work on standards in both IDPF and W3C, and is now an editor of the EPUB 3.1 Content Documents spec. He¹s been a speaker at BEA, Digital Book World, Tools of Change, eBookCraft, and Books in Browsers.

Illustration by Henrik van Leeuwen

A Bag Full of Stories

As we wander the internet, gathering images, videos and text to make stories, how do we carry them back to camp, how do we share them with our community?

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Our vision for books in browsers

Books are sacred. Think of how we react to book burnings. Think how hard it is to throw a book away. We build temples for them – there’s a library in almost every town. Many of us have more books in our houses than any other object, besides Lego. They might be the most spectacularly successful technology of all time.

A book’s contents might be great art. The book itself might be great art, too. A book may take years or decades to create—perhaps the work of dozens or hundreds of people beyond the author. It can be a monument you can hold in your hand.

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