Author: Nellie McKessonNellie McKesson worked her way through print book production, moved into ebook production and design, and then moved on to web development and product architecture. She spearheaded the move to HTML- and CSS-based book production at O'Reilly Media, helped build automated book production platforms for a variety of publishing houses, and recently founded a startup called Hederis whose goal is to build easy-to-use HTML- and CSS-based publishing tools. Nellie has done a fair amount of writing and speaking about building books with HTML and CSS, and you can find her pretty much everywhere on the internet as "nelliemckesson".

Introducing Hederis, and Why We Care So Much About Pagination

At Hederis, we’re combining the concepts of WYSIWYG design and automated publishing in an attempt to solve the problems I’ve seen time and again in both the traditional and automated book-making workflows.

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