Contributor Guidelines

Original content is preferred but salient articles already available will be accepted.

Please write to share experiences and wisdom about using HTML, CSS and JavaScript (JS) to produce books. We are particularly interested in CSS and JS tricks for typesetting paginated print content but we also would like to see some of the following:
• discussion of workflows
• non-partisan technology reviews
• innovations in this area
• speculations on the future of this approach

HTML, JS and CSS snippets can be included in articles and our Library. If you have examples you would like to share as PDF or HTML/CSS/JS then please email these in a zip archive to

Word Limit
There is no word minimum or maximum.

The readers of Paged Media tend to be CSS-savvy, however, readers come from many different backgrounds and fields of study. Hence we encourage the following:
• include links to projects mentioned in the article
• explain or link to other organizations, standards, and so on
• include links to technical ideas and terms that may not be known by a non-technical audience
• spell out acronyms the first time they are used

Publishing  process
Request a login from the Editor and add your post into this WordPress site, saved as a Draft. Include links and illustration suggestions, or send them by email to  Alternately, email the complete article with links and illustrations to the Editor.

The Editor will read the article and make any necessary copy improvements, add illustrations, and make the  links active. You will have the opportunity to check the content before it is published.

Include images inline. If you would like an image re-made then please state that in block letters underneath the image and our illustrator will revisit it. You may wish to provide quick sketches and/or photographs as a guide – please send these by email to

We encourage you to enter into discussion with readers through the commenting system at the bottom of your post.

We wish to avoid articles promoting products or services: any references which do so will be removed. You will have the opportunity to state who you are and where you are from in a brief 2-3 line bio (with links) to be included underneath each of your posts.

We publish content (images, examples, text) on our site under a Creative Commons By Share-Alike license. We will consider other open licensing options on a case-by-case basis.

Please provide a 2-3 line bio (with links) to the Editor,  and, if you wish, attach a photo (optional) you would like displayed with the post. You may link to your organization or product/service information page from within the bio.