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Smashing conferences coming in 2018

Article by Raewyn Whyte

SmashingConf London, UK / #perfmatters / February 7–8, 2018
1 track, 2 days, 16 speakers on everything web performance.

Performance matters. Next year, we’re thrilled to venture to London for our brand new conference fully dedicated to all things web performance. Dealing with ads, third-party scripts, A/B testing, HTTP/2, debugging, JAM stack, PWA, web fonts loading, memory/CPU perf, service workers.


- Estelle Weyl (Web Standardistas)
- Patrick Hamann (Fastly)
- Una Kravets (DigitalOcean)
- Rachel Andrew (Perch)
- Zach Leatherman (Filament Group)
- Jake Archibald (Google), and many more.

Details + Workshops + Early Bird Tickets:


SmashingConf San Francisco, USA / #breakingthebox / April 17–18, 2018
1 track, 2 days, 16 speakers on everything happening on the web.

What if you designed a website without rectangles or circles? In San Francisco, we’re aiming to explore what we all need to know today to make better websites tomorrow. Breaking out of the box, literally, in sessions covering everything from front-end to UX. CSS Grid, HTTP/2, Psychology, Front-End Performance, CSS Variables, Web Fonts, Audio UIs, Design Workflow.


- Aaron James Draplin (Draplin Design Co.)
- Addy Osmani (Google)
- Mike Riethmueller
- Yiying Lu
- Rachel Andrew (Perch)
- Jessica Hische, and many more.

Details + Workshops + Super Early Bird Tickets available now!


SmashingConf Toronto, Canada / #noslides / June 26–27, 2018
1 track, 2 days, 16 speakers showing how they design, build and play.

What if our speakers couldn’t use slides? Welcome to the brand new #noslides format: a brand new conference in Toronto, full of live sessions with live coding, live designing, live sketching — showing how designers design and how developers build, including setup, workflow, tooling, naming conventions and everything in-between. CSS Grid, Performance Profiling, Sketching, Lettering, UX process, Debugging, Writing CSS/JavaScript.


- Dan Mall (Superfriendly)
- Sarah Drasner (Microsoft)
- Tim Kadlec (Snyk)
- Gemma O’Brien
- Sara Soueidan
- Lea Verou (MIT)
- Seb Lee-Delisle, and many more.

Details + Workshops + Super Early Bird Tickets available now!
Raewyn Whyte
Raewyn Whyte is a remote copy editor with extensive experience as a technical writer, online editor/proofreader, indexer, website designer and dance critic, based in New Zealand. She is also the editor for this website.

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